Speaking of Shallots

Fried Brown Rice

Speaking of shallots…I made a batch of that brown rice a couple of days ago. We had it for dinner with some leftovers.

It was a Friday night. In contrast to most other households, Fridays are the beginning of a busy stretch of days for us. Efficient meal preparation is therefore key if we want to get any downtime to spend together. The freshly (and quickly) made rice therefore went great with some leftovers from lunch.

The next day, we still had some of it remaining. It just so happens that leftover rice is great for frying up with many other ingredients that you may have lying around.

Quick Fried Rice

I snipped off pieces of some black forest bacon I had in the fridge, caramelized some onions in the fat, then threw in some of the rice. I topped that off with an egg that I scrambled into the mixture, and voilá, lunch in fifteen minutes. It would have been easy enough to throw in some bell peppers or mushrooms if I had any.

I love cooking at home, and this gives a great example of why. It’s a better meal than you can get at most places, more healthy, super quick, and amazingly easy.

You should cook at home too.